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Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I will be gone until 7/7/17. In the meantime, sign up for the Shadowgun Legends Beta. July is near. Keep calm and don't forget to #BelieveinLegends

Shiela, the Shadowgunner Princess
Well, since the soft launch for Shadowgun Legends is next month, I want to upload one of my dream OC, Shiela, for the game. Here is her backstory.

February 9, 2380 07:45 

    It is a wonderful day at the futuristic planet of Mellowdrops. The planet is covered by rich, green plains, sparking seas, breathtaking coasts, and a mountain range. At the other side of the mountain range, is the futuristic-fantasy kingdom of Galactica Merlin. Inside Galactica Merlin, there are merchants who trade unfamiliar and rare objects. Also, the city is home to one of the most fabled Shadowgunners, who trade some of the loot that they got from their weekly finds. 

    The kingdom also has many towering residences, a transit system, and an enormous castle. The castle has tall pointy-looking towers. It is also home to King Madrich and Queen Grace, the rulers of the kingdom and the planet. King Madrich is doing his usual business, until Queen Grace came to talk to him. Her face looked solemn, as if something suspecting came to her.

    "Grace, what do you want to talk about? I can tell by your face the urge to speak, but I want to know about this topic. Could you speak for me, Grace?" said Madrich. "Madrich, I wanted to tell you that there is bad news. One of my guards told me that there has been invasions engulfing entire planets. I do not know what the threat is, but-" said Grace, as she is interrupted by Madrich. "What invasions? Have you been listening to something suspecting? I hope something bad does not-" said Madrich, as he is interrupted by a warning alarm. Madrich and Grace turned their heads in confusion.

    "Alert, alert; rapid enemy movement detected in the atmosphere. Get to your positions quickly!" said the intercom. Guards began to run all over the castle and the entire kingdom. Residents were shocked in panic as multitudes of the enemy force began to descend from the sky. After that, the ships simultaneously fired onto the kingdom, destroying buildings. Madrich and Grace hugged each other mercifully.

    "Grace, they're here! Panicked Madrich. He took out a microphone that commands the guards around the kingdom. "Attention all guards! We are under siege by the enemy! Defend and evacuate the residents as you can!" said Madrich. Later, the enemy force began to land inside the kingdom. The Guards' firepower is no match for the enemy force, as they began to push forward towards the castle. "Madrich, I want you to get Shiela. We need to get her out of here!" cried Grace. "I will get her." said Madrich in a panic. Madrich darted up to Shiela's room.

    Shiela is in her room, preparing to defend herself from the enemy force. She equipped her crown and her sword, as if she is preparing for danger. Madrich burst open her room door. "Shiela, I want you to get out of here. We are being under attack from an unknown enemy." pleaded Madrich. "Father, I am prepared for what is happening outside. I must defend my kingdom and my people who admire me." said Shiela. Just then, a beeping noise came from Madrich's microphone. "Your highness, our guards have been outnumbered by the enemy's firepower. We can't hold out much longer!" said the commander guard. "Commander, I will send Shiela to your area. Just keep fighting!" bellowed Madrich.

    "Shiela, go outside. Your kingdom needs you. Go, and fight. It is your only chance!" cried Madrich. Shiela got to action by leaping out of her window, and flying straight for the battle zone. She held her sword, with the tip facing downward. When she nears the ground, a shockwave occurred, sending the enemy units flying backwards. Then, she began to slice the enemy, one by one, until there are no more enemy units. The guards cheered her. 

    Then, right on cue, the Shadowgunners arrived on the scene. "Wow, you must be a pro with that sword." said one Shadowgunner. "Well, thank you." said Shiela. "Now we got to get you out of here. We've got word that the enemy is about to destroy the planet!" yelled the other Shadowgunner. Shiela is shocked and speechless. She went with her Shadowgunners to the ship. Then, the ship began to take off. Shiela began to weep for her parents as she saw a giant ship with a large cannon fire onto the planet.

June 12, 2380 17:00

    Time after time, Shiela began to serve for the Shadowgunners. Her sword became useful for dangerous situations. John Slade even made her the best Shadowgunner ever. She also thought of her parents. She is good at ranged weaponry, but is a pro. She is the best Shadowgunner ever.

Well, I think that is all for the story! Comment and fave! If you are curious about Shadowgun, then look at my journal post for the title "The Shadowgun Story (About Shadowgun)."
Princess Anabella
Princess Anabella is a princess who lives in an unknown land. She is usually arrogant and desperate.
 A Shadowgun Legends stream is coming tomorrow. This time, it's skills!
Hello, as you may see, I have posted news about the upcoming mobile game Shadowgun Legends. The game is being developed by Madfinger Games. For some of you gamers like me, we know that mobile game titles do not last long. We also know that some mobile game titles are competitive e-sports (Ex. Clash Royale, etc.). But this time, it is going to be a little different. I will summarize to you the story of Shadowgun and also what features may mesmerize you in Shadowgun Legends. 

(WARNING: The next few paragraphs may contain spoilers, and also some (bearing) similarity with other game titles. If you want to know about the story, then download the app on the App Store (iOS), or the Google Play Store (Android). Or if you think that the main game or Legends does not best fit your gaming experience, then do not read.)

    Shadowgun & The Leftover (2011)

Now let me tell you what Shadowgun is. Shadowgun is a mobile franchise by Madfinger Games, who makes other visually spectacular mobile games. The first game, Shadowgun, is a third-person shooter. Set in the twenty-fourth century, it involves John Slade. John Slade is a Shadowgunner who is being sent on a mission by Toltech, one of the biggest corporations in the galaxy.

    Before I continue the story, I want to tell you what a Shadowgunner is. A Shadowgunner is a term for a bounty hunter who serves citizens, and corporations. They are unrecognized by corporate entities, because of federation law, and were banned from some star systems. Shadowgunners lend their services to the highest bidder of the mission, by corporations and planetary governments. The only Shadowgunner is John Slade, which I already mentioned in the first paragraph.

    As I mentioned earlier, John Slade is briefed by the biggest company, Toltech, to Planet Eve. Eve is where the game's main antagonist, Dr. Simon, a bio-engineer for the company stole samples and went there to perform experiments, is. Slade is sent there via his ship, where it was later shot down by an undetected missile. Slade survives the impact of the missile and crashes into part of the facility. He combats gun-wielding mutants, and uploads a tissue sample to S.A.R.A., Slade's android rookie co-pilot.

    S.A.R.A. tells Slade that the mutants are a mix of the indigenous population of the planet and humans, which tells that Dr. Simon was performing experiments on them. Meanwhile, Slade goes around and fights everything in his path. On the way, he faces many hazards, such as a lobster robot. When Slade reaches Dr. Simon, he finds out that his head has been dissected, and his brain put onto the top of an immense, robotic endoskeleton which spooks Slade. Slade later told Toltech and Toltech now wants him to retrieve Dr. Simon's brain.

    After a few hours of fighting, Slade reaches up on the balcony, where he fights the robotic endoskeleton of Dr. Simon. He uses his rocket launcher to damage the endoskeleton until the endoskeleton was defeated and crashed on the balcony. Later, there were two choices. One where he preserves Dr. Simon's brain for Toltech, and the other option when Slade chooses to destroy Dr. Simon's brain. It is unknown if one of the two endings represented are canon.

    In the Leftover expansion, John Slade attempts to escape Dr. Simon's facility and leave Planet Eve. S.A.R.A. tells Slade that he needs to find a transmitter. Slade finds the transmitter, only to have S.A.R.A. and his ship, the Rook, fall under siege by Toltech forces. He witnesses Toltech Aircobra drop ships land, and Toltech's scientists, the R.A.T.S., come out of them. Slade finds out that Toltech wants to control the army of Mutants for their favor. Slade has had enough of this, so he fights his way to the power core and overload it, causing the place to self-destruct. S.A.R.A. comes and rescues Slade on a drop ship, and the story ends.

    When I played Shadowgun, since Legends was announced last year, I know that the graphics look a little descent. It is a simple third-person cover shooter. Some gaming publishers like IGN gave it a generally "positive" review. Other gaming publications have a distaste of the game. One publisher said that it was like Gears of War 3. To myself, it looks a little average.

    And in 2012, there came Shadowgun Deadzone. Aside from the original game, it is a multiplayer expansion. This game is distinct by having different mechanics like sprint and also a grenade, and other slots. You can melee players only if you can approach them, which is pretty annoying. Also, there are two game modes: Deathmatch and Zone Control.

Throughout the next few years, Shadowgun was referenced in other Madfinger titles, like Dead Trigger.

Shadowgun Legends (2017)

    This is the next chapter of the Shadowgun series. The game takes place thirty years after the Planet Eve incident, where events of the original game took place. Corporations have been colonizing planets for their resources. The indigenous population that has been living there for centuries have been dealt with. Suddenly, a new alien threat emerges, taking the colonies by surprise. The invasion overpowered the companies and caused countless lives to be lost. Now, the Shadowgunners are the only units that can save humanity from the wrath of the alien invasion.

    Well, I felt excited for Shadowgun Legends, since I stumbled upon this TouchArcade article. I read that the game will be a first-persistent world shooter. It gained the title "the Destiny of mobile" because it looks like that by game critics. I heard that the game was to be released this year in Q1 of April. But they had to delay it to summer because the developers had to reform the game to have more features and details in-game. 

   As for the first gameplay, it looks very smooth. The footage shows the first-ever gameplay of the first version of Shadowgun Legends. When I saw it, it was very exciting. I thought about this to myself about this: "A Destiny for mobile? What a marvelous idea! I can play it anywhere as I wish!"F2U AVATAR | Jyushi does a thing (animated) | OSMT  I waited for a couple of months for it to launch, but I was disappointed when I heard that it did not get released in Q1 of this year.Crying James  But Madfinger decided to air special streams on YouTube and Twitch called "Shadowgun War Room," a series of streams dedicated to the development of Shadowgun Legends. When I saw the first stream about another gameplay footage, I was so impressed of the hard work they did. I was like Eddsworld Tord CREEPY  when I saw the whole thing. 

And so the streams continued until the soft-launch is near. decided to share my thoughts with you on the game. So I will go into detail about what will be in the game.

    First of all, to play this game, you will need an iPhone 5S or higher to play the game. For Android users, this is currently unknown for this time. 64-bit devices will most likely be supported. As for me, I am just one of the lucky ones, because I own two 64-bit devices. An iPad air and an iPhone 6S are the 64-bit devices that I own. I apologize if I made youHenry Ewww!  orCrying Thomas

Second, the game will require an active internet connection, so you need to be in a place where the Wi-Fi signal is (very) strong. Also, there will be an anti-cheat system in place so that you gamers will enjoy the multiplayer action. Madfinger Games will promise that no hacker can be able to steal your account information. This will give you a safe way to experience Shadowgun Legends.

Third, there will be a monetization system, where the game will be FF2P (Fair Free to Play). There will be no in-app purchases, and there will be a dual currency system. You will not be able to buy anything with real money at all. This, in my opinion, makes the game more fun and less stressful when it comes to purchasing items.

And also, there will be categories of weapons. The weapons will range from Common to Legendary. The weapons will be improved only if you use them in a unique way. There are different types of ammunition that will affect the gameplay, so the enemies will be stronger and hard to kill.

For the most fun of all, there will be character customization. You will be able to customize your character in a variety of styles, such as hair and eye color. It could be one of the most interesting features in the game.

And also, the game has AAA graphics, and it should be an esport.

    In conclusion, I think that Shaodwgun Legends should be a good game for mobile. Even though some Destiny players may feel Triggered snek  over this. I say that it should be useful, since Destiny 2 is coming out. For users who do not have a Laptop PC, then I say that Shadowgun Legends is a must-try for some players, even though some players are familiar with the mechanics in Destiny. I hope this helps you know about the Shadowgun universe and mobile gaming! This is :iconvagabond-ninja-clan:, signing out. 

Check out these links: (Official Website, sign up for the Beta!)… (Official Forum Board)… (MMORPG Page)… (Official YouTube Channel)

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